Mt Bierstadt

Another easy choice. 3 hours to the summit and took my best friend from Michigan with me! Only bummer was not doing Mt Evans at the same time via the Sawtooth. We wouldn’t have had time for it any way because the clouds rolled in and pelted us with enough hail that there was an inch on my car and my thighs were beat red with little red circles. The vista is absolutely beautiful though and saw 4 moose around the pond when we pulled up. This was definitely a busy mountain and I couldn’t believe the amount of people ignoring the early afternoon clouds, I really hope no one was hit by lightening. We descended in about an hour due to running a vast amount of the trail because of the storm. This was so far the most beautiful trail I have hiked in Colorado. The wildflowers were out and the bottom of the trail has walls of willows on both sides. I highly recommend this hike for anyone looking to do a summit, as long as you dont mind being with 30 people when on top.